Complete Children’s Health Statement on use of the COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine in Lactation and Pregnancy  (12/16/2020)

It is important for mothers who are breastfeeding to know that the vaccine was not specifically tested in breastfeeding women, so specific safety data is not yet available.  However, there is no theoretical risk to the infant from this vaccine.  Vaccination of breastfeeding women is reasonable.  It is not necessary for mothers to avoid initiation or discontinue breastfeeding if they receive the vaccine.

Safety information about the COVID-19 Vaccine and pregnancy is also not available at this time. Women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant should discuss the risks and benefits of the vaccine with their provider.


From ACOG (12/13/2020) advisory/articles/2020/12/vaccinating-pregnant-and-lactating-patients-against-covid-19 Lactating Individuals

ACOG recommends COVID-19 vaccines be offered to lactating individuals similar to non-

lactating individuals when they meet criteria for receipt of the vaccine based on prioritization groups outlined by the ACIP. While lactating individuals were not included in most clinical trials, COVID-19 vaccines should not be withheld from lactating individuals who otherwise meet criteria for vaccination. Theoretical concerns regarding the safety of vaccinating lactating individuals do not outweigh the potential benefits of receiving the vaccine. There is no need to avoid initiation or discontinue breastfeeding in patients who receive a COVID-19 vaccine.”


From AAP (12/10/2020) vaccine-frequently-asked-questions/

“While these vaccines were not specifically tested in breastfeeding women, it is not likely (based on the mechanisms of action of the vaccines in US trials) that there would be any risk to the child.”


From CDC (12/15/2020)

COVID-19 vaccination considerations for people who are breastfeeding

There are no data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in lactating women or on the effects of mRNA vaccines on the breastfed infant or on milk production/excretion. mRNA vaccines are not thought to be a risk to the breastfeeding infant. People who are breastfeeding and are part of a group recommended to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, such as healthcare personnel, may choose to be vaccinated.”